Enemies die fairly quickly, but there can sometimes be a steady stream of bad guys if you happen to kill a few on or in view from a road. You still have to repair vehicles with a handy-dandy acetylene torch and have to hunt local wildlife to craft items that expand your inventory. Thankfully weapons no longer break or… »12/05/12 10:49am12/05/12 10:49am

Xbox 360 sounds like the way to go for him. Let him give Skyrim a shot. maybe he'd like Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, and the Mass Effect Trilogy. Try some downloadable titles like Geometry Wars, Gyruss, and Shadow Complex. If he digs the first-person action of Skyrim, give Halo Anniversary a go. Portal 2 would be… »11/27/12 12:57pm11/27/12 12:57pm

I don't think she's gone for good. She was with the Librarian while the Chief was having his evolutionary experience, and early in the game, records from Halsey mention that the seven-year lifecycle may not fully apply to Cortana. 343 seemed to put an awful lot of emphasis on why she was special among AI and could… »11/16/12 10:33am11/16/12 10:33am